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About Me

My name is Corinne, lover of life. I’m knee-deep in the process of learning to be the woman who God has called me to be. One lesson He’s teaching me (repeatedly, because I can be a bit dense at times) is that I can’t accomplish much by striving to get to a place of peace—instead, I choose to live powerfully by starting from a place of peace.

I hope to share some of that with you—and not just in theory, but I want to empower you with practical ideas to create your own place of peace, to turn your home into a safe haven from which you can conquer the world.

Also I may spam you just a little with cute kid pictures. That’s my son Valente in the photo. 🙂

So if you’d like a quiet reminder of peace, and some down to earth tips on how to live from peace, delivered to your inbox each week, please fill in the form. Until next time, dear heart.

I promise never to share your email.